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Furniture Holders

July 25th, 2019, 8:10 pm

Furniture Holders

There's a new way to earn money now fast and well paying.

You rent Yosemites (or use your owned one) over the Angel Pine sawmill, while reaching out there you'll be given instructions on how to complete this job properly. You can load a maximum of 20 logs on your Yosemite which will cost $5,000 per log. Whenever you are finished with loading up the logs on the truck you will proceed to the Fallen Tree factory which there your logs will be carved, polarized and come in a sharp shape for a cost of $6,000 per piece, the process of carving and polarizing your logs usually takes 30 seconds - once finished you'll be given a checkpoint to proceed there so you can load. Means it's a ready furniture to be unloaded at the warehouse in Los Santos (behind the Caligula's Casino & Hotel).


Once reaching at the Furniture Suppliers warehouse you will use the given command (/unloadfurniture) and earn the cash. (You will earn $13,500 per furniture)


This is a $50,000 profitable job which requires atleast 7 to 9 minutes from your side.

Keep in track of /laptop -> quarry stocks if the suppliers warehouse is above 15,000 furnitures because you cannot sell furnitures if more than this amount is in there.

You can purchase house furnitures (50 max) to customize your own apartment, house or whatever at the icon of BizID 129 with the command /buy.

There is also zones (turfs) which have to be owned by the illegals that they will receive the 20% of spent cash there into the turf ownership faction bank balances.

In a short period of time I'll be enabling every house interior customizable with the house furnitures and also possiblity of robbing the house furnitures (which means if a successful robbery, your latest X furnitures that you added will be deleted from the house and the robber will earn $13500 per the furniture he dropped by the warehouse.)

credits @davy for the images.


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Re: Furniture Holders

July 25th, 2019, 11:04 pm


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