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SS-RP August Update

August 27th, 2019, 4:50 pm


After being away few weeks on vacation, I have decided to deploy the same updateish as the other server but with a better experience/optimization than them. Enjoy!

(c) woot for the ideas, Copani using the magic hands.

Version 1.0.0/script
Cumulative-release on August 27th 2019

Full Changelog
  • Turf changes:
    • If your alliances' turf is being taken, you will be notified.
    • Taking over a turf no longer requires 2 members of the opposite online.
    • Cars that are parked inside a turf will now give to your faction-bank $7.5k rather than the previous one $1.5k
    • You will now earn 5% of the hourly income from the businesses in your turfs.
    • You will now get notified if a business in your turf is being robbed and you are able to respond on it.
  • Faction runs:
    • The bullets (maverick) runs has been relocated and changed so it is more easy and comfortable to complete.
      • Use /loadbulletcrates to be directed to the new place. Make sure you arrive with a Maverick helicopter.
      • Additionally, a new turf has been created surrounding the place to load bullet crates.
      • The faction owning this turf will get a 5% discount on bullet crate purchases, receive 5% of all income generated by bullet crates and earn 2 f-points for every purchase.
    • The Maverick runs to load and unload gun crates has been removed and replaced by Squallo runs.
      • Restocking the shared guns warehouse with gun crates now requires more effort (boat and land transport) but will also be rewarded with more faction points.
      • Use the command /loadguncrates to be navigated to the correct place. Instructions on how to complete the run will be given as you progress.
      • A turf surrounding the place to load gun crates is now available. The owner of this turf pays 5% less for all gun crate purchases, receives 5% of all income generated by gun crate purchases and earns 2 f-points for every purchase.
  • WAR changes:
    • You cannot heal at enemies' house during a war;
    • You cannot heal if you dont have a js tag and opponents are in range of 150 meters close to the house you are healing at.
    • (if you were shot within the last 2 minutes) If you quit during a war and people are around you with a range of 250 meters close to you will get notified about your health, armour, distance between you and him and when was your last shot in seconds
    • You need to wait 30 seconds before respawning after death. (Screen view above your factions' HQ)
    • War gunshops will nolonger be spawned. (deleted)
    • /close cannot be used if you were shot within the last 2 minutes.
  • Factionized houses now have a gunstock:
    • /fillstock nearby the house-icon to fill it.
    • They have a capacity of 1000 fguns
    • /ftakegun to take any gun (similar to factionstock)
    • /fstocktog <houseID> to toggle the status.
  • New additions for new players:
    • The /loan limit has been increased to $100k.
    • Players below level 10: free /car park, free /clothes, reduced death fee ($2k)
    • Players below level 5: free /car park, free /clothes, no death fee
    • Increased the income on these jobs: Garbage Man (+30%), Farmer (+30%), Trucker (+20%)
  • Houses may now have gates!
    • Please note that gates will only be placed to houses that have a perfect spot for a gate, no additional maps or objects will be spawned.
    • The price charged for a gate depends on the lead administrator placing it.
    • The gate can be controlled by the house owner and any dupe key owner that has the permission to open and close the house doors.
  • If you click on a players name to view information, their FPS will display on top of the gui.
  • Using /frisk on somebody that is not cuffed, tazed or tied must be accepted by them (/accept frisk)
  • You may purchase cuffpicks from hardwares at a cost of $2,500 and pick a cuffed players' cuff. (/breakcuffs <strangerID/playerID/playerName>)
  • Molotov cocktails can now be crafted with 15000 materials from the command /sellgun.
  • You can now configure your quick buy for the weapons to be bought from ammunations (/quickbuy).
  • Seperated the cost for /floadguns and /floadbullets
  • Everything you /give and receive is now logged and visible in the UCP.
  • Added /mm leave to leave the current mini mission. May only be used if you have not been shot for more than 15 seconds, does not work if holding task object or if you are the most wanted.
  • Added a list of the mini-mission joined players. (/mm list)
  • Decreased the time limit when an inject of heroin/ecstasy is being done.
  • If you crash inside a business, you will respawn outside, at the entrance of the business when logging back in.
  • Using /acc 1-3 to delete the accessory will no longer function, you need to use /accremove.
  • ADMIN: Added /wh lead/metal/level
  • ADMIN: /cp will now display stranger id, if nametag visible/invisible & forumname.
  • Forum names are now displayed on /fon
  • /mdc can now be used inside the PD reception desk
  • You may now block phone numbers from calling you using /blocknumber. Use the command again to unblock the number.
  • Restockers can now order up to 600 comps rather than the previous 400
  • Factions will now earn 15 f-points when robbing a warehouse
  • Factions will now earn 5 f-points when robbing a business whose owner is in a faction
  • Factions will now earn 2 f-points when robbing a house whose owner is in a faction
  • Factions will now earn 2 f-points when taking over a turf
  • Revamped the position/time box for racers
  • Top 5 times for races has been added (shows only the times of the race vehicle that have been recorded, e.g for Infernus Copani has 10 seconds on it, for Turismo GiGi has 23 seconds on it)
  • Race positions cash-sharing are now rounded up with the total of joined cash
    • 50% of the cash to 1st position
    • 30% for the 2nd position
    • 20% for the 3rd position
  • Fixed lookup data over players' countries & etcetcera.
  • Fixed text-prompt stuff for dealers when hosting (the bet limits are now shown above their head)
  • Fixed a bug where offline jail would take more money than defined.
  • Fixed a bug where you could choose any unwanted characters on /changemyname.


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Re: SS-RP August Update

August 27th, 2019, 6:11 pm

holy shit huge update


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Re: SS-RP August Update

August 27th, 2019, 8:04 pm

Holy shit what are u doing here woot 😂


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Re: SS-RP August Update

August 27th, 2019, 9:41 pm

Fire 8-)

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Re: SS-RP August Update

August 28th, 2019, 2:18 am

woot wrote:
August 27th, 2019, 6:11 pm
holy shit huge update


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Re: SS-RP August Update

August 28th, 2019, 2:45 am

This is nice!
''You Reap, what you sow''

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Re: SS-RP August Update

August 28th, 2019, 3:26 am

Scary White Lady wrote:
August 28th, 2019, 2:18 am
woot wrote:
August 27th, 2019, 6:11 pm
holy shit huge update

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