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War Rules

Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:55 pm

W1) Victory Conditions
A minimum of 35 hours of playtime must be achieved by all participating factions during a war - failure to do so will result in a forfeit on the 3rd offense. (players idling for 300+ seconds will be automatically kicked from the server)

If 20 percent of a faction has been removed (uninvite/leave) during a war, it will result in an automatic forfeit for that faction.

If a team achieves a kill-death ratio (KDR) of 1.8 after 1000 kills, they will be declared victorious.

Factions must participate a minimum of 3 days (55 hours) after a war has been initiated before they may be allowed to surrender.
W2) - Alternative Accounts
It is allowed to only have 1 alternative account in an warring faction, having multiple accounts in a war will result in an admin uninvite.
one alternative account in an warring faction is allowed.
having more then one will result in an Admin uninvite
W3) - Invites
Inviting an irregular amount of players prior a war is prohibited and will be considered as mass-inviting.
Leaving a faction to join another for the sole purpose of participating in a war is also prohibited.
Admin uninvite of all flagged players
W4) - Civilian / Alliance involvement
Civilians are under no circumstances allowed to participate/aid in a war.

Allied factions may aid in a war by supplying the warring participants with materials, drugs, vehicles, keys, etcetera, but not by directly assisting them in fights or flees. An exception to this rule is if a faction not partaking in the war is robbing a business/warehouse or taking a turf and warring faction responds to it - NOTE: blatantly tracking warring participants to initiate fights through RPG oriented activities is prohibited and will be dealt with on a case by case basis by head of illegal staff.

Observing/spectating a war is prohibited - do not follow or stand near warring participants.

Law enforcement factions are permitted to intervene.
40m jail sentence
1 day account suspend
W5) - Just Spawned (JS) tag
If a player is marked as 'Just Spawned', they are not to be interacted with by any means.
This also applies to the player that is marked as 'Just Spawned' - they are not to interact with any players.

Attacking, following, and blocking all count as direct interaction with a player tagged as 'Just Spawned'.
40 minute admin jail
W6) - Revenge-killing / Returning to battle
Participants of a war may only return to a fight they previously died in if their opposition is present.
40m minutes admin jail

W7) - Other war rules / clarifications:
Closing yourself or rivals in a building is not permitted. (e.g. /close @ house/biz)
You must wait at least 60 seconds after participating in a gunfight before quitting the server - otherwise, you will be quitting to avoid death (An exception would be quitting after death)
Faction weapon stocks may be drained by members and will not be refunded. (limit of 1000 fguns per 1 member every hour)
Using stationary parked vehicles to block roads, passageways, or other vehicles at a rival headquarter is prohibited.
Creating an agreement with opposition to fk / uninvite their own members must be done strictly IC.
Participating with connectivity/performance issues that cause severe inconsistent hit registration is prohibited. (first offense: kick - repeated offense: uninvite)

The Head of Illegal staff may kick, suspend or admin uninvite any player during a war if any of the war rules have been violated.
If there are any questions regarding a rule or clarification, contact the Head of Illegal staff.
Additional clarifications/rules will be made if necessary.

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