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What is roleplaying[New Players]

Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:28 am

• Roleplaying
Roleplaying is when you are a Character inside a virtual game. You are acting like you would in a fantasy or real life environment.

• Out of Character[/color
Out of Character is when you aren't currently roleplaying.
You have two ways to speak Out of Character, that is: "/b" or "(" (One Bracket) Do not add the Quotation marks.
You need to ask permission from a Administrator to be Out of Character and he/she will give you Out of Character tags. The only people that may go Out of Character is Helpers and Administrators.

You may speak Out of Character when there is no major roleplaying happening. (E.G. You may speak Out of Character if you are just driving around with your friend. You may not go Out of Character if you are being arrested.)

You may see many people using the word "OOC" or "OOC" that is the exact same as saying "Out of Character"

• In Character
In Character is when your current character is roleplaying.
You can speak In Character by using the normal chat with no brackets or anything in front of your sentence.
Once you login to Italy Mafia Roleplay you are instantly In Character. As stated above, you may speak Out of Character when the time is right or you have permission from an Administrator.

You can not use shortcuts In Character. (E.G. "Hey friend, thx 4 the money.")
You can not use similes In Character. (E.G. "Hey friend! How are you today? :-)")
You may only use similes and shortcuts Out of Character.

You may see many people using the word "IC" or "IC" that is the exact same as saying "In Character"

• /me
/me is a simple and very easy to use. This command is use to make other people aware what your character is doing.
** Junior Stracci takes out a pack of chewing gum from his jumper pocket. **
** Junior Stracci opens the packet of gum and slots a piece inside his mouth. **
** Junior Stracci starts chewing his gum while returning the pack of chewing gum back into his jumper pocket. **
Tip: If you want to make your /me's look a lot better, make it longer then four words with great spelling and grammar. This makes it more interesting to read.

• /action or /do
/action or /do is very simple but complicated to some.
/action or /do gives life to an object

** You hear the floor boards creek ((Leo Court)) **
** You smell a eggy odor in the room ((Leo Court)) **
You also use it to complete an action. If someone attempts to do something towards you, you can type "/action Failed - I dodge the punch."
** Tommy attempts to punch your nose.**
** Succeed or Failed? ((Tommy))**
** Succeed! (( Leo Court )) **
** Junior Stracci falls to the floor holding his noes whilst blood rushes out. **
** You see blood all over myself (( Junior Stracci )) **

• Basic Rules of Roleplaying• Basic Rules of Roleplaying
• Deathmatching - You may not kill people without a valid reason.
• Metagaming - You may not use Out of Character information In Character.
• Mixing - You may not write Out of Character without the brackets.
• Spawn Killing - You may not killing someone who has just spawned. (This is classed as Deathmatching as well.)
• Powergaming - You may not do impossible stuff that you can't do in real life. (E.G. Breaking metal cuffs with just your body.)
• Revenge Killing - You may not kill someone who has just killed you.
• Car parking - You may not park your vehicle onto someone so they die.
Breaking the rules set by the Administrators will get you punished and even banned.

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